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Wilson Trucking  Online Tracking Solution  – The Wilson Trucking Tracking tracking at one click – The One stop Wilson trucking is one of the leading transporters in U.S.A, which has grown continuously since 1920 because of its integrity and endeavors. Now it has expanded its services to 10 states with its strategically placed network of terminals. Although a family owned business, it has never steered away from its commitment and professionalism, although it has passed through 4 generations of leadership from the same family. Over the years, it has excelled in giving ‘next day’ delivery although it has assured services in making ‘second day’ deliveries. For the last decades, reliability and honesty have stayed the foundation stones of Wilson’s services.

The Wilson Trucking Company

Wilson Trucking Services

Wilson specializes in expedited, guaranteed, and time-bound deliveries. It has a tremendous reputation in less than truckload (LTL) services for all the regions, where it operates. For its services, which depend absolutely on time of deliveries, all its clients have reposed trust in its efficiency. Let’s see some of the important highlights of its services, which have made Wilson trusted partner for their business.

Reliable and trustworthy partnership with its clients – As logistics is part and parcel to every business, the strategic partnership with Wilson has given its clients several advantages. As this transportation company is an expert in giving scientific logistics management, its commitment for time-bound deliveries has always stayed firm.

Dedicated task-force – It has always kept its employees motivated and geared up to do the highest in terms of productivity. The employees’ welfare benefits launched by this company has worked wonders on employees’ motivation and kept them recharged for taking on any risk in business.

Own equipment and drivers – It owns large fleet of vehicles and trained drivers and does not hire from outside. This is the reason the fleet of vehicles always stays in best form and the drivers are trained to handle any type of emergency.

Customer Service
With advanced system in customer care, it could give best customized solutions for the following needs of the clients;

Toll Free Number

  • 1-877-202-6564
  • 1-800-929-9354
  • 1-866-645-7405

You can also call to the head office of Wilson Trucking at (540) 949-3200

Wilson Trucking Tracking

For tracking, the clients could log on to http://www.wilsontrucking.com/ and ‘tracking’ is available at the right side of the bottom of the page. Click on this to the tracking page and fill in the boxes the “pro numbers” and click on the ‘tracking’ below. It would give them the status of their pending consignments in transit.

The clients could log in to their registered accounts and track their consignments pending in transit.

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