Vitran Express Tracking for Freight & Trucking

Vitran express is a leading transportation and logistics service provider in Canada. Its services have now recognition for flexibility, wide coverage, and more-than-average performance. Moreover, its services for less-than-truckload and truckload services have now appreciation from one and all from the industries.  It is one from the few companies to have its own assets inside Canada and that gives absolute control to Vitran in the movement of consignments across Canada. Literally, it is now able to stay alert as the shipments move from their starting points to final points for deliveries. Although it has all the means but still its team efforts make things happen with accuracy and efficacy.

The Vitran Express Company

Great shipping solutions

Being a pioneering regional and national less- than- truckload (LTL) service provider, it has engaged 15 terminals inside 10 provinces. Carrying freight through highway and inter-modal services, it reaches every part of Canada and United States of America.  For central and western Canada, it has designed a service, known as “Maxximum”. In this, it uses teams of drivers and could reduce up to 40% of time engaged in driving the consignments in trucks to the destinations.

Features of its services

Services inside Canada and other parts of nation

  • Multi-modal services – Vitran offers highly effective and economical multi-modal services to various parts of Central and western Canada. As it owns the biggest fleet of domestic containers, it is capable of providing effective multi-modal services through containers at all the places. Due to its impressive position in Canada’s railways, the shipments and services from it always keep on moving.
  • Expedited service in highway – When the clients need deliveries at places within strictest time deadlines, Vitran makes this possible through service from team of its highly trained drivers for transportation on roads.

Services for the regions

  • Services for eastern region – For regional services, it has regular departure services between Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada with assured services that the consignments would reach the destinations at all the locations of Windsor.
  • Services for western regional – Besides the above services, it has direct daily departures for major cities in western Canada.
  1. Services across border
  • It has associated with central transport-a transport organization from United States to send consignments to various parts of United States of America.

Customer Care– It offers almost every type of online customer-care to its clients. You know about various customer care offered by this giant in logistics and transport services in Canada.

Toll Free Number – (800) 263-9588

Customer Care Number – 604-582-4500

With the help of online customer-care;

  1. You could schedule a pick up.
  2. You could calculate rate.
  3. You could track your consignments.

Vitran Express Freight Tracking Online

You could check the Vitran Express online tracking to find the status of freight and shipment. You will need ‘Pro Number’ in order to track & trace the status of the Vitran Express using below tool –