Textainer Equipment Container Tracking

Since 1979, Textainer Group Holding Limited (also known as Textainer Equipment) has created a unique niche in the world of marketing of its services for transportation of cargo through containers. It has the world’s largest inter modal containers to serve its clientele across the world. With a fleet size of 2.o million of containers, it represents 3.0 million TEU with the help of its own and managed fleet. It has spread its leasing services to more than 400 shipping lines and to various lessees. It invests s a whopping sum around $ 800 million. Over the years, it has earned reputation of being the largest seller of used containers. The sole reason for this is it gives excellent maintenance to its own containers and keeps those almost new in their shapes. Such used containers get sold when those go to market for sale as used containers.

Textainer Group Holding Limited

Textainer Group Holdings Limited Services

Pioneer in leasing services – Textainer is a pioneer in leasing equipment. You would find its terms are really competitive and the services through containers are simply world-class. All the containers have uniform high quality. The fleet of containers consists of standard dry equipment, high cubes, folding flat tracks, open top, and reefer containers.

Such services of containers are always cost-effective and Textainer gives them with commitment towards quality and world-class service to all its clients.

Resale of used containers – As all the containers from Textainer get world -class maintenance, after some years, it sells them to various parties. It also buys second-hand containers and after a period of use, it sells those to outside parties. If you have an account in its website, you could log in to see the resale desktop account. Acting both buyer and seller, it has world-wide reputation in the field of dealing with containers.

Container services for military surface deployment and distribution command (SDDC) – Over the years, Textainer has developed contact with military surface deployment and distribution command (SDSC). It lends all the equipment in times of emergency and disasters to military. Not only does it give equipment but shares intermodal container with related knowledge of management with them, working closely with military operations.

Textainer Equipment CustomerCare

The Textainer company provided complete customer care support team to provide fast and reliable services:

Customer Care Number – +1-441-296-2500 / 415-434-0551

Email Address – ccm@textainer.com

Textainer Container Tracking

For tracking your consignment, you need to log on to your registered account in its website. To get updates about summary of availability of containers, value of depreciation in the used containers, status of your consignment in the booked containers, and estimates about depots, you need to access Textainer customer depot in your registered account.

Follow the Textainer container online tracking tool and you could enter your account with login ID and password. Once you log in to your account, you could do tracking of your consignment in containers.