Seenu Transports and Logistics Tracking

Seenu Transport service is a popular transport service provider in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. With hard-core experience in this field for last four decades, it operates through the network of 21 branches spread throughout two states. Due to its expert solutions in logistics management, industries of both the states have come to trust its services completely. The services have popularity because of speed and safety.

Seenu Transports Logistics Company in India

Features of its services

“Think about your business but give us tension of logistics and transportation” –says the motto of Seenu transport’s services to its clients, as in the world of business logistics and transportation account for more than 50% of hassles.  Let’s know about some of the vital features of its services that draw attention of its clients like magnets.

Delivering securely through speed and safety

When the services take shape only after a thorough understanding about particular needs of clients, such “personalized” services are only complete solutions of their needs for logistics.

The vital line of its services runs through the under-mentioned areas;

  1. Chennai
  2. Bangalore
  • Hosur
  1. Coimbatore
  2. Salem
  3. Erode
  • Pondicherry

All these areas form the important links of its services and it has developed infrastructure as well as network at all such places for smooth conduct of business.


Main highlights of its services

  1. Its trucks have great utilities and function like covered containers.
  2. At all the above mentioned places, it maintains excellent infrastructure and gives great utilities.
  3. The clients could opt for prepaid, to-pay, return pay or credit options, while it comes to making payment for its services.
  4. It facilitates the clients with dependable “pick up” and “delivery” services.
  5. All the activities in loading and unloading take place under the careful supervision of officials of the company.
  6. The company has the best-trained drivers to make the vehicles reach the destinations.
  7. It has trained staff to handle customer complaints and grievances.
  8. The company functions smoothly through proper coordination among its four types of employees, such as booking staff, delivery staff, drivers, and loaders.
  9. It helps in preparing all documents and packing the cargo in the right way, ensuring those would not sustain damage in transit.


Contact its offices for customer-care and tracking

For inquiries about logistics and tracking, contact its Chennai office through the telephone numbers given below;

For logistics- (044)- 26532772, 29032656

For transports—(044)- 26524016, 65493011