Purolator Freight Tracking Online

When you need transportation of over sized and heavy freight, you would find the services of Purolator extremely efficient. At a place like Canada, it has stayed ahead in this race with its premium less than truckload (LTL) service. The services have the matchless designs after the complicated needs for logistics of the clients. It makes sure that due to its flexible features in the services, its clients stay in a place to meet the demands from their clients. Over the years of dedicated services to its clients, it has brought a new high in the standard of its services with new and advanced capacities and utilities which no other carrier in the industry could offer.

Purolator freight company

The superb features in its services go as follows;

Tailor-made solutions – Keeping in view about the unique type of necessity for shipping and transportation needs that it’s each client has, it has unique solutions from its end to meet their specific needs. It has crack team to study the needs of its clients and schedule the services with unique tailor-made solutions.  The knowledgeable freight specialists from its office spends hours in knowing the needs of the clients and suggest solutions for shipments only after that.

Visibility of complete shipment – with real-time facility in tracking, it always stays in a place to take care of the demands and queries from clients. The clients get  facility of tracking the status of their shipment at any given time in a day.

Flexible services in ‘delivery’ and ‘pick up’ services – Purolator does not go by the normal delivery time in a day. The delivery and ask for ‘pick up’ services go beyond the normal timing as its customer care representatives respond to specific needs of the clients solely on the basis of their requirements.

Optimized integrated solutions – By taking note of the unique needs of the clients, it has designed highly effective integrated solutions for the needs of the clients. Such solutions are efficient and synchronized the meet the demands from its clientele. The services in this category meet the holistic purpose of the needs for services in every category for solutions.

Purolator  Customer care
You could contact its customer care specialist by ringing up the below given customer care number. Go to their contact us page and fill up  online form to know exactly about your service requirements and applicable tariff structure for availing the services. It has the extremely efficient sales personnel, who would guide you at every step to get your transportation needs fulfilled.

Toll Free Number  1-888-744-7123

Purolator Track & Trace
It has detailed and dedicated tracking web-page that you can find it below. You could track the shipment of Purolator by clicking on below tool and trace your consignment by logging to your registered account with your user-name and password.