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Chetak group, with its logistics services, has stayed a pioneer with its exclusive range of services. Especially, when it comes to special supply- chain solutions in India, it has almost an invincible place in the market due to its unbeatable range of prices and exclusive features in services. It has highly qualified professionals posted at various places in India to make sure uninterrupted services that add to the value and quality of its services. With it great services, it has now become a trend-setter with its high-quality services. Another distinguishing feature of its unique service is it has always abided by its environment-friendly operations and shown commitment to nationalism by designing a logo, synonymous with Maharaja Maharana Pratap of Rajasthan.

Chetak Logistics Pvt Ltd in India

Chetak Group special services

Transportation of vehicles – Over the years, the number of vehicles in India has increased dramatically, keeping pace with the industrial, urban, and rural growth in India. Trucks, cars,3- wheelers, tractors, and earth-moving vehicles have made the roads and streets in India extremely vehicular. Chetak is the number one transporter to take the vehicles from the manufacturing place to the places, where those get sold. Over the years, it has transported millions of vehicles to different places throughout India.

Service for express delivery – Speed has stayed the main feature in its service, when it comes to make urgent deliveries at various locations in India. It transports with lightening speed all the items starting from small parcels to large vehicles. It has the specialty to make deliveries of exactly at the door-step of the client within time precision and exactly in brand new condition.

Extensive warehousing – As it has made its presence felt throughout the world, it has not stepped back to create large warehouses at every strategic place of its service. All its hubs and inventories have in place top quality security gadgets that keep the consignments from the clients in perfect condition and safe till those reach their destinations for final delivery.

Best supply chain and freight management –  It has engaged most scientific and advanced supply chain and freight management to help faster transportation of goods and commodities to their destinations. It has in its team seasoned strategists, specialists, and engineers, who reach out to people in times of necessities for transportation.

Best service in custom clearance – It has in its team experts, who could take care of all the necessities for custom clearance and help the parties to send their consignments without any hassle.

Customer care
Chetak offers unique facilities in customer care by dedicating a complete page to its customer care in its portal. The customers can go to the customer care page and find solutions to all the queries, which they need about the price, service, and tracking.

Contact Number – 011-4667-7777
Toll Free Number – 1800-11-7979
Email Address –

How the customers would track their consignments?- Tracking is available on the official web-page and the customers could click on tracking available on right side of the page. They could track online, through their mobile, or simply register a new account to track from there. This would give them latest updates about status of their consignments.