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Okara Roadways is one of the leading transportation and logistics solution service providers with vast networks in northern and western parts of India. Existing for more than two decades in this field, it has developed complete control over the delicate art of transportation, handling of cargo, safety in storage, timely deliveries, and urgent deliveries of consignments at various destinations. It has also abided by the safety norms in protection of environment. Maintaining more than 98% punctuality in making timely deliveries, it has set a record among other transporters. It is one of the few transporters, which has highest customer satisfaction in the last two decades.

Okara Roadways Company

Okara Roadways premium services

Express services for transportation of all kinds of goods – Be it any kind of goods, Okara has the express service for damage free transportation of it. Especially, when it comes to oversized cargo, Okara has exclusive services to arrange transportation of it.

Largest space for warehousing – It has all the facilities for safe warehousing of consignments at all important destinations in India. With spacious warehouses existing at these places, it makes sure that the goods in the consignments reach safely without any damage.

Large fleets of vehicles – It has large fleet of trucks and trailers and makes sure those stay in best forms with proper maintenance. The vehicles are always ready to take on the rough weather and damaged road conditions.

Approved transporter by the government – As a transportation organization, it has permit from government for transportation of consignments all over the nation.

Services in export – It makes use of quality containers to take consignments to the ports and it ensures that those reach in time to catch carriage by ships. Realizing the value of time to reach ports, it ensures that the containers reach in perfect time. For this, it has two drivers in every truck and other advanced systems in place without the least chance for the scheduled consignments to miss the vessel. It makes sure through best maintenance that the vehicles are in top form and those would not break down on the road.

Services for industries – Top companies in India have entrusted complete faith in its services and stayed in its clientele for long time. Due to its timely deliveries, the industries keep low inventories of raw materials as Okara makes the stock of consignments of raw materials reach at perfect time. As a transporter, it also takes the small loads of consignments and makes those reach the destinations in time.

Services for carriage of small parcels – It has a dedicated parcel division especially for the small parcels. It keeps the parcels in its warehouses, in the proximity of factories of the clients. To add to it, it also gives door-to-door services in the delivery of small loads.

Customer Care Number – They have decoted page with mention of its contact details on Contact Us page to know the telephone numbers and addresses. The customer-care responds immediately as it gets the query from a prospective client. We have mentioned the contact number of Okara Roadways  below –

Delhi Office Phone Number

  • 011-4235-5532
  • 011-4235-5558

Mumbai Office Phone Number

  • 022-4074-8020
  • 022-4074-8022

Okara Roadways Online Tracking
It gives the privilege to client of having a registered account with personal details and the client could login as and when he wants. He could track from his account about the latest update about his status of consignments.

You can follow this URL to check the tracking status of Okara Roadway here and customer could call the centers to know about the latest updates of the consignments.