Maersk Line Container Tracking

Would you believe if we give the facts and figures about Maersk Line? You would say the figures of achievement by this giant in shipping liners are blown up. But it is beyond doubt that it is among the Top 20 biggest shipping liners in the world.

The Maersk Line shipping company

Making a unassuming beginning in the year 1904 with its first liner, it has gradually evolved into a colossal conglomerate in shipping. In its more than 100 years of existence, the number of satisfied customers has grown up to 1, 00,000 throughout the world. Its fleet in containers has gone up to 3.400.000 TEU and due to its increasing popularity it receives roughly 1 call in every 15 minute.

 Few Ideas about its container services

i) So far as sending the goods through containers is concerned, it sends through dry cargo, reefer cargo, and special cargo through 3 different types of containers.

ii)  “Dry cargo” containers are the containers, which are meant for sending normal or usual cargo.

iii)  When normal container is not enough for your needs, you might need reefer cargo containers, which are meant for special type of cargo. The items in Reefer cargo are actually very delicate and sensitive by make and therefore, those need special type of handling and packing and dispatch through Reefer cargo containers.

iv)  You might need to send the goods packed through containers in the ships, which are out sized and therefore, normally do not fit the normal 40’ containers. For instance, those might be vehicles, special engines or anything, which are bigger than the normal sizes. For this, you need oversized special containers.

Shipping- a great pleasure with Maersk

Shipping through Maersk can indeed be a source of pleasure as goods are handled with great care and those reach their destinations though unusual safety that is simply beyond your imagination.

i) Its vast network extends beyond 400 trades and the ship delivers at approximately 300 ports.

ii)  Per annum, Maersk makes 35,000 port calls.

iii)   It has at its disposal 1, 00,000 containers, which traverse around 1000 kilometers in a week.

Over-all, you gain the insight that reliability on Maersk services is actually an opportunity.

How can you schedule your shipping cargo through containers?

It’s easy. You just have to follow this URL  and fill up the web-page with all the information and at last click on search. You can of course schedule a great delivery of your goods at the destination.

How to Maersk Line container tracking works?

If you want to track the position of the Maersk line consignment or status of you goods that you have sent through the containers, then use below tool:


On above screen you enter either the container number, document number, or booking number and then click on ‘track’ on the right side. You will instantly get your status.