Kindersley Transport Ltd Online Tracking & Customer Care

You might need to send anything from the smallest to big size and from one corner to another in a continent. Kindersley could get it to that place most conveniently. You need not worry about carriage charges and other hassles. Your consignment would reach the spot in perfect condition and time. Again, you need not bother whether it is a complete truck load or less than it. Its scientific services could get the consignment to the spot without any hassles. The services have the backing of every advantage like tracking by computerized means and other flexible operations.

Kindersley Transport Ltd Company

Kindersley Transport Services Highlights

  1. Facility to carry a full truckload – It has in place a very wide and expansive network supported by all the modern equipments and satellite tracking facility to carry the consignment to any part of U.S.A. and Canada. To meet your needs, it gives refrigerated and dry vans that could take care of your all needs for transportation. Despite the good service, its prices have stayed forever economical.
  2. Facility to carry even less than a truckload – Be it Canada or U.S.A., the small consignment would reach the destination safely at right time. For this, you just any place in U.S.A. and Canada. Kindersley takes care of all valuable shipments. To top it all, it has facilities of heated trailers and tracking through satellite to help you with all your needs.
  3. Facility for intermodal container services – As its network is extensive; the containers from it give extremely flexible services for transportation of every type of cargo. By this, a bulk could get divided into smaller parts and distributed across various parts of North America. Its inter-modal service has always maintained timeliness, cost-effectiveness without incurring any damage during transportation. For this reason, the clients have always preferred its service to its competitors.

Improved customer care

Its customer care always stays attentive to the queries and calls from people and replies those immediately without any delay. If you are resident of Canada, you could call 1-800-667-8556 and talk to the customer care to get solutions for your needs. If you happen to stay in U.S.A., you could call 1-800-667-8556 or write a mail to to get solutions of your queries.

Kindersley Transport Toll Free Number – 1-800-667-8556

You could log on to ‘Customer Service’ section and fill up the online web form and submit online. The Company would give you a reply forthwith.

How could you track your consignments?

If you have a registered account in the website of Kindersley, you could log on to and track your consignment with the help of probill number. Make sure that you do not enter any space between the numbers. You would get instant updates about the status of your bookings from below –