JD Transport Canada

JD Transport Ltd is a famous company operating on the west coast of Canada and United States of America. It is a company founded by John Derksen and now it functions with the help of reefer van, dry van, and open-deck operation. In United States of America, it gives services in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, and Arizona. The company has engaged regular drivers on permanent basis for TL loads and LTL services. Literally speaking, it works like the vital life-line between Canada and United States of America, carrying important loads of goods between Canada and United States.

JD Transport Ltd

Highlights of its services

Wide range of equipment in service- It makes use of 16 trucks and 12 drivers on its payroll to transport goods and commodities from place to place. Because of its efficient services, it has bagged a contract from a prestigious company for carrying all its consignments by its trucks in Canada and United States of America.

Vital link in Canada and U.S.A. Cross-border service– Over the years, it has become a very important service provider between Canada and U.S.A. For its proficient services, it has signed service contacts with many reputed organizations and it is giving them round-the-clock services for carrying their freight.

Employment for youth– Since its beginning, it has provided employment for the local youth and technical people.

Get instant quote about price– You could call 1-800-665-8007 and get all the important information about its prices and terms and conditions for service.

Get Weather reports– For transportation of goods between Canada and U.S.A, weather plays a vital role. J.D. Transport maintains a dedicated page in its portal to keep its clients informed about  possibility of transporting goods in inclement weather. You could navigate to the ‘Weather Report’and get the latest updates about weather from it.

Road reports– The long routes between U.S.A. and Canada get damaged due to various conditions. Therefore, this company has taken the wise step to keep a page of information about conditions of roads. You could ‘Road Report’and get the best updates of information about condition of roads in the important routes.

How does it serve through its customer-care?

Call up– Just ring up its customer-care number 1-800-665-8007 and ask about any related problem. You would get clarification about it from its customer-care.

FAX– You could send a FAX as well to 1-888-665-8005 inquiring about your problems to customer-care and get return information about the status of your consignment.

Send e-mail– You could send an e-mail to info@jdtransportbc.com and its customer-care would reply you about your queries.

What to do for “General Tracking”?- You could contact  JOHN for dispatches and Melanie for general inquiries  about tracking your consignment.  For this, you could use the numbers mentioned above.