Innovative Logistics Online Tracking Solutions

The name “Innovative logistics” service is familiar for its innovative ways to transport consignments all over the world that assures reduction in transportation costs and profitability for its clients. As a service provider, it combines services to make those full-fledged in every aspect to meet the unique needs of the clientele.  The services are familiar everywhere as integrated as those carry qualities of being well-planned and controlled for effective execution. It has planned and designed its supply chain solutions in such a way that those ultimately become an advantage to its customers. As a leading service provider in logistics, it is familiar everywhere for being a leader in the industries for its services in 3rd party logistics (3PL), and air, rail, and surface transportation. As the services are tailor-made to meet the demands from its clients, its clients have always appreciated its services for its utilities.
Innovative logistics company in India

Innovative Logistics Services Details

Best warehousing solutions –  It has created large warehouses in its routes for transportation with all facilities that make the storage free from damage and cost-effective. It takes excellent care of all the consignments from the points of their origins to their destinations so that the clients receive those at exact time.

Best supply chain solutions – As a number of clients across the industries have the needs of its end to end solutions  it applies the best of scientific supply chain management to serve their needs. The solutions carry excellent features like speed, cost-effectiveness, and protection from damage in transit from its integrated solutions in supply chain management.

Best distribution through express services – It has all the resources at its disposal that make it a point to handle the transportation and logistics assignments from clients effectively. As the companies in need of faster transportation are seeking out avenues to send their consignments at lesser costs, such solutions have proven their efficacy in transporting their goods throughout the world. The distribution patterns are scientifically designed and those ensure speedy and even distribution all the points with full protection for the safety of consignments in transit. To achieve this, the company also engages the latest from scientific logistics management.

Innovative Logistics Customer Care

Mail the queries to its customer care – The clients could mail their queries to and get solutions of their queries.

Call its office – The clients could call its office in the number (033)- 22640046 and get clarification about the queries for services they need from the company.

Innovative Logistics Easy tracking

The clients could use below given tool to check the tracking status of Innovative Logistics.  As you click on “track your shipment”  they could track with their “consignment numbers” or “docket numbers” on the linked page. It could give them latest updates about the deliveries made at their destinations.