Gold Star Line Container Tracking

Gold Star Line Ltd came in to existence in the year 1958. In the successive years, it started its services to various parts of world. Although based in Hong Kong, it operates through a vast network of agents and offices in every continent. It serves its clients with guaranteed services in “time and speed”. It has 21 chartered as well as owned vessels to help clients send their shipments across the world.

Gold Star Line Shipping Company

I would say, there is one word that describes the nature of work of Gold Star Lines Ltd, which gives expert services in shipping and transportation through containers. The word is “complete professionalism”. And the perfection in professionalism not only shows itself in words but you would feel it in your heart as you step inside its office. Let’s add more words to its professional works in giving full-fledged services in shipping and transportation through containers. Although, it has experts to deal with clients in every part of work, you would find the company is most interactive through its professionalism in “customer care”. For a client like me, who has long association with it in business, gets “exemplary” customer care when I send my precious cargo through its services to different parts in the world.

Now, let me tell you about the exemplary services, which I get from this company, which is a giant in such services in the industry.

Complete information regarding its services

Best interactive website-Honestly, it has the most interactive website to serve its clients efficiently. You could log on to and go through the information that the company provides to its clients. I find it really informative as I go through the schedules for sailing and vast network of offices and agents.

Services– As you click on the tab “services” you get complete information about the following things. Let’s know them one by one;

  1. You get complete updates about the “sailing schedules”.
  2. Thereafter, when you click on “equipment”, you get information about the types of containers available for giving you service. You need not worry for over-sized and delicate cargo because Gold Star Line has every type of container to transport your goods safely.
  3. As knowing the port codes carries equal weight, the company helps you in knowing the “port codes”, when you click on “services’ on its home-page.
  4. You could know about the “rotations” of services and by this, you could completely plan your transportation schedule of goods and commodities.

To know more about its services, you could log on to the ‘Company Profile’ page and get all the relevant details about the company.

Tracking your Gold Star Cargo

You could track your container with the help of B/L number.

Enter the Billing Number and track using online tool to check the status of your shipment.