DP world Dubai Container Tracking

DP World is famous in India as a leading terminal service provider and a global port. Apart from this, it also gives important services outside its gate to help its customers in their supply chain business. It has bagged a contact from Indian railways and with the help of that it operates container trains throughout India. Its validity of this contact would stay in force for the coming 20 years. Over the years, it has become distinguished for giving cost-effective and competent transport solutions. Under this contract, DP world carries EXIM and domestic containers.

DP World Dubai

About DP World Dubai Services

  1. Services offered – Dubai is a hot destination for the services of DP world as it offers multitude of services to its clients in Dubai. Some of those are berth booking, monitoring of gate moves and other yard inventories, monitoring of container movement, schedule of vehicles, tracking of containers, supervision of port payments and electronic time-slot booking, declaration of customs and payment, and registration formalities of trucks and containers.
  2. Remote reefer container monitoring system – Apart from the above services, DP world in Dubai also specializes in giving remote reefer container monitoring system. In this, it enables all the port operators to respond fast to emergency situations and doing away with idle time.
  3. Services for carriage of perishable goods – It has at its disposal specialized refrigerated containers, which could take care of transportation of perishable goods. With the introduction of advanced security system, it makes sure that the perishable goods stay safe during the transit.
  4. Integration with IT system – By introducing sophisticated IT systems, it has made sure that the security during operations stay at the peak. The computerized services always keep the norms in security in tight control without allowing any risk during handling of cargo in the ports. For this, it has achieved global recognition with its ISO 27001:2005 award. v

DP World Customer Care

Right from its inception, it has laid great emphasis on innovative customer care. With its trained employees, it has stayed resourceful in meeting the demands from its customers. When it comes to commitment, it has stayed committed in every possible way. Dedicatedly, it is also planning in great detail the various future services.  Making use of Radio frequency identification device (RFID) and tandem cranes, it is gauzing the future needs of its customers and designing solutions for their future needs.

The customers could contact +971-4881-5555 and 971-4887-6470 or mail to customerservice@dpworld.com for getting any help for their needs for logistics.

Tracking- For any tracking related necessities, the clients could mail to customerservice@dpworld.com with the mention of their B/L number. The customer-care would get back to them with most updated status of the consignment in transit.

The customers could also call up + 971-4881-5555 and 971-4887-6470 and get the updated status of their consignment from the customer-care.