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Delex Cargo Pvt Ltd is a leading Cargo Company from India having head office in Mumbai given tracking tool to find the status of shipment. simply stands for Delivery express. Originally started by a group of seasoned professionals from supply chain industry, this company gets promoted and managed by Mr. N.Amrutesh Reddy. In its first year of service, it set up an extensive network for delivery and distribution that included all the cities and towns in India.  As its range of services had the most exclusive supply chain services for its customers, the response from every part of industry was almost immediate. Developed and customized services in the range of supply chain services targeted specific needs of the clients. With the help of its fleet of vehicles and vast infrastructure, it has dedicated staff working round-the-clock to achieve success in delivering cargo at every important place in India. Innovation and technological excellence are two most important contributions made by its team of managers for its success in the field of cargo management.

Delex Cargo Company in India

Highlights of its range of services

Door to door services through Air Cargo – It has stayed a champion in delivering cargo by air. It has integrated door to door deliveries of air cargo for convenience of its customers.

Surface delivery services – To add to the above service, it has exclusive services in surface deliveries. As it keeps its fleet of services in extremely good shape, it makes use of advanced technology to make surface deliveries at all the important places.

Air Cargo services for general sales agencies – This is another exclusive service for delivering general items for sales in the distribution network. Through this exclusive service, Delton makes the deliveries of goods and commodities available to the distributors in the sales network.

Air cargo services for Ground handling agencies – It also gives services to the ground handling agencies by air cargo.

Unique 3 PL (3rd party logistics) services – Besides warehousing its own consignments in its massive warehouses, it offers 3rd party logistics to different parties. It also has multi-user services for warehousing of small parts. It offers intra-city last mile delivery services with the help of advanced technology and innovation. Delex has excellent technical logistics solutions to benefit its clients. Applying bulk commodity cargo management, it helps the customers to a great extent.

Delex Cargo Customer Care
Clients could call the toll-free number given below and talk to its customer care for any service related queries. The customer care representatives could deliver efficient logistical solutions for the needs of the clients.

Toll Free Number – 1800-123-2222

Delex Cargo Tracking Solution
Delex allows tracking of consignments through the toll-free number 1800-123-2222. As the clients call and cite the consignment numbers, the service representatives could track from the computer system about the present status of the consignments pending in transit and dates of possible deliveries.

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