CSAV is the largest shipping and container service provider in Latin America. Other than this, it is the oldest among all the shipping companies, which had its inception in the year 1872. This was the year; it began its humble origin only as a service provider to the coastal areas.

CSAV Norasia Shipping company

With fast but successive expansions, from the west coast of South America to the canal of Panama, it started regular services of traffic and soon. It moved to the leading position in the world in shipping and container service business. On the 22nd of January 2014, through a major collaboration with Hapag Lloyd, CSAV went on to become the largest operator in that area.

Highlights of its services

  1. It offers shipping services to any part of the world through its state-of-the-art network, covering nearly 200 ports across the world.
  2. It has the largest number of containers, which enables you to send almost goods of A-Z size. Be it cars, oversized cargo, special cargo, or shipment of most delicate items, the services of transportation are available round-the-clock.
  3. It has also integrated most sophisticated e-commerce solutions to help you with various premium services.
  4. Through the best state-of-the-art tracking facility, it helps you to track your booked items at any time during the transit.
  5. It has the best reefer containers to help you with the transport of most delicate items to other parts of the world.
  6. It has got the capability of taking the dangerous inflammable cargo from you and delivering it at your destination within complete safety.