Covenant Transport Group Inc Tracking Online

Covenant Transport Company is obviously not the one, which likes to the claim that it is the best transporter in the industry. Its existence in the industry for the quarter of a century is the proof itself that it is trust-worthy and most economical with its range of services. Considering all these clichés as futile, it has stayed focused on true work ethics based on Christian principles. Further, it disbelieves in the self-promotion culture that most of the transportation companies take up now-a-days to see them in the limelight. As every good service is a tale of happiness of some customer, self-promotion taken up by a company does not add greatly to the strength of business. Over the years, it has stayed centered on the true needs of a customer and that it takes the latter as a true partner in progress.

Covenant Transport Company

Highlights of its services

Flexibility- It has always given supreme importance to needs of the customers and for this it has removed the words “we cannot” from its vocabulary. All its services are based on the core needs of the clients.

Highest speed in pick-up and delivery- It has integrated strategy that makes sure that services are available to the customers at highest speed in pick -up and delivery of consignments. For this it maintains speed and uniformity in services that guarantees fastness in its range of services.

Stress on timely deliveries- As its services are tuned to the needs of the customers, deliveries in exact time takes the topmost priority. Its services are most reliable because of the key feature of timely deliveries.

Safe and secure- By all means, the operations of covenant transport have stayed most safe and secure. For this specialty, Covenant transport has stayed a long time associate to provide critical support in services to Hazmat, government and Mexican shipments.

Covenant Transport  Customer care  As its range of services are always based on the needs of the customers, the measures introduced by it in customer-care are only the best in the industry. The customers click on ‘contact’ located at footer and download all the customer service related information. The company has introduced several measures for giving information to the customers about the status of their booked items in transit.

Phone Number – 423-821-1212

Email ID –

Covenant Transport  Tracking 

As of now the online tracking page is under construction when we checked. However if you want to know the Covenant Transport tracking status then log in to their accounts with their “username” and “password” to know the status of the booked consignment pending in transit.

They could send an email to and get a report about the status of their consignment.

Or, they could mail to for an e-statistics report.

All the above methods could give them relevant information about status of the material pending in transit.