Cosco Container Line Tracking

Coscon container line Ltd is one of the best integrated service providers for containers in the world. As the record goes, by 31st December of 2012, Coscon was in the possession of 174 containers that carried goods of 756797 TEUs of materials. It has the connectivity with more than 162 main ports in almost 50 countries of the world. With an unmatched operating capacity that can take goods and materials along 84 global routes, it has more than 400 sales and service depots inside China. Due to its excellence in service, it has won titles like carrier of the year and line of the year.

The Cosco Container Lines Shipping Company

Great services designed by sincerity, integrity, and promptness

World class fleet of vessels– It has the most dedicated fleet of vessels. Numbering more than 170, it carried more than 7, 50,000 TEUs in the year 2012. Its shipping services are available throughout the year.

Expansive service routes- It touches 49 nations though 149 ports. The companies have got their ways to multi-national markets because of the service routes from Cosco.

Wide international network– By establishing well-organized networks in Shanghais and many important places in China, it has stretched its network to the innermost corners in China and the world as well.

Best e-commerce solutions– With the implementation of best e-commerce solutions, it has come up with most efficient global platform for e-commerce and with the help of EDI center, Cosco facilitates exchange of information to its customers.

What is so good with Casco?

Every shipping company talks about its environment friendly operations but it is just in pen and paper without mentioning any particular activity to promote safety and cleanliness of environment. It is a different cry, when it comes to Casco. Casco has launched scientific observation of taking carbon foot-prints and introduced measures to reduce it as well.

Great efforts in energy conservation

Energy Conservation is another outstanding achievement by Casco. By adhering to lower carbon emissions and higher energy conservation, it has ensured complete safety to environment from its side. It has introduced effective measuring tools in carbon measurement. It has always maintained its strong position in energy conservation and carbon emission due to its operations and this has always resulted in greater efficiency.

How Cosco Container Tracking works? 

This below form will help you to track and trace the shipment status.

Enter your container or booking number of even if you have the bill of lading then also it will work.

Click on the ‘search’ button below and you will get the exact position of your cargo.

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