Cathay Pacific Cargo Shipment Tracking

Everyone is familiar with the name “Cathay Pacific” as world’s leading airliner. Apart from giving excellent comforts to the travelers in flights, it also gives equally efficient services in cargo handling. With its smartest services, Cathay has stayed a leader in air cargo and air travel business.  Famous for its tailor-made solutions, it is always in a position to deliver the same type of services, which its customers need.  Extreme innovativeness through punctual services is its benchmark qualities in serving its top clients. Literally speaking, when the customer sends cargo or just travel through the service of Cathay pacific, it adds tremendously to his status as this airline service has always secured top rank in the industry.

Cathay Pacific Cargo Company

Cathay Pacific Cargo Products and Services

  1. Priority Cargo –   This is the service available with cash-back guarantee as it comes with fast deliveries of materials at the destinations with other utilities.  The service is famous as priority cargo and the other service in this category has the name courier lift. The latter is available for deliveries of small parcels at various destinations with quick customer clearance.
  2. Special Cargo – Now-a-days, as people have needs for sending different types of special cargoes, Cathay Specific has specialized services for the same.  You could send extremely perishable items like wine and pharmaceutical things.  Cathay pacific could even lift inflammable or dangerous cargoes to distant destinations and deliver those safely. With its refrigerated delivery system, it could also carry fruits and vegetables in garden fresh condition. It has the expertise to carry live animals through its cargo services to distant places. To add to all, its ‘high security’ service for delivering high value items is one of the top-end services in the cargo handling business. The customers have high appreciation for its tailor-made services designed to meet their specific needs.
  3. Charter solutions for cargoes –  it could also give chartered planes for shifting cargo to distant places. The planes are highly efficient and reliable for their expoert handling of cargoes.
  4. Trucking solutions – As the prevailing notion goes, Cathay Pacific only shifts cargo by air, few would believe the truth that it has excellent trucking solutions for its clients. Its fleet of trucks always gets top quality maintenance and could safely carry all types of goods and commodities to any distance. The clients have high appreciation for the trucking solutions offered by this giant in service industry.

Shipment by online service

With its online services, getting help from customer-care literally stays at the tip of the finger tips. The complete contact details of the Cathay Pacific Cargo given below:

Australia Customer Care Number

Phone Number – +61-3-93384122

Email ID

India Customer Care Number

Phone Number – +91-80-66784332

Email ID

Track your consignment

You could log on to the Official website and click on ‘manage your shipment’ again. Again click on ‘track your shipment’ in the drop-down list.  In the following page, you could track with ‘air way bill numbers’.

If you are a registered member in its website, you could log in to your account to track the status of your consignment. Or you can also use below Cathay Pacific Cargo tracking tool to know the status of shipment: