Bombay Andhra Transport Organization Tracking

Bombay Andhra Transport Corporation has the presence in every nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai.  It is the most famous organization in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, which people have chosen for a long period. It has remained a pioneer with its excellence in service for cargo management. It started its first service between Mumbai and Aurangabad and slowly moved on to create excellent service network in other parts of India. Over the decades, it has given constructive leadership to industry with superior cargo management and its brand name has increasing value in all activities about transportation and cargo management.


Features of its management

Commitment for leadership:   The top management of this company has always shown highest commitment for leadership and guided people with positive and constructive leadership.

Dedicated staff: Its everyday operations get the adept handling by its dedicated staff, who are experts in various matters of cargo transportation. The management of this organization selectively retains the skilled staff through intense campaigns in recruitment to serve its clientele.

Best work atmosphere: The prime motive of management has forever remained to encourage growth and creativity in the work atmosphere. It encourages talents in the workforce to work with dedication and rewards them accordingly.

Dynamic environment in business: The Company has the best dynamic environment in business with best designed and implemented systems. This helps in minimizing vagueness and developing operational efficiencies. Due to this, the conduct of business in the work environment has stayed forever dynamic and growth-oriented.

Impressive infrastructure

Biggest network in two sates: At all the strategic locations, this transport company has its branch or franchise office. All the important business places, literally described as the nerve-center of business, have its presence in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Large warehousing: It has well-developed and advanced warehouses in both the states. It maintains huge stock of cargo with the help of the latest from scientific warehouse management.

Management through FTP networks and RDBMS: It has implemented complete computerization and for all its documentation and data processing works. For this, it makes use of state-of-the-art FTP networks and systems in RDBMS.

Brilliant management of infrastructure: With the help of efficient and qualified staff, it keeps the infrastructure well-maintained and the staff of this company gives their attention to the minute things in infrastructure management.

Efficient tracking through customer care: Over the years, it has received excellent ratings from its clients for its best customer-care. You could call the numbers mentioned below for “tracking and any query about its service”.

Call the customer Care : You could call 09346642285 for getting help for tracking and other service related answers to your queries.

Call the Landline numbers: You could call 91-0866-2586303,3297143, and 3298852 for tracking and customer-care.

Send FAX: You could send a FAX to 91-0866-6664401,6678601 and get reply about tracking your consignment and other related queries.

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