BLPL Singapore Container Tracking Online

BLPL from Singapore given online container tracking solution to track & trace with customer care number to check the status of shipment. BLPL began its work in the year 2007 to provide different types of transportation services between Bangladesh and Singapore. As of now it has turned itself in to a major company in logistics with existing network in Indian sub-continent, south-east Asia China Far-East and East-Africa and it is now operating in all these nations as a major shipping corporation.  Its core group, Trans World group, is a major group in Singapore. Literally offering hassle-free transportation of consignments it has become most trust-worthy for all its clients all over the world. Terming its services as the best in the world, its customers admit that its services give them good night sleep.

BLPL Transport Company

BLPL services and products

Global customized solutions in Logistics –   BLPL could give only the best in customized solutions for the logistical necessities for the clients all over the world. The customized solutions are designed and prepared as per the specific needs of its clients.

Multi-modal services for transportation solutions –  It could render services for transportation by air, rail and road. It has excellent services by all the three means with its infrastructure and fleet of vehicles.

Excellent port-cargo solutions –  BLPL also offers top-quality port-cargo solutions for its clients.  It has excellent facilities at the ports for carrying cargoes at the ports.

Reefer carriage solutions –  BLPL has excellent services for the transportation of perishable cargoes with the help of its reefer containers and other systems. All such perishable cargo could stay fresh for days without any damage.

Handling of special cargoes and over-sized cargoes –  Be it a car or over-sized machinery, BLPL could make use of its containers for over-sized cargoes. It has the facility to handle special cargoes and make those reach the destinations safely.

Online support in logistics –   For documentation and tracking, it could render every necessary support by online and off-line means. The support system is completely full-fledged to help the customers in every possible way.

BLPL  Customer Care –   You could fill up the online query form and submit online to get contacted by the customer-care.  The customer-care representatives would give specialized solutions for meeting your specific needs.

You could call or send a Fax on below given customer care number for getting any clarification about the services from the customer-care.

Customer Care Number

  • Telephone Number: +65-6224-7578
  • Fax:  +65-6227-0609

BLPL Container Tracking 

If you sent any goods using BLPL services then you check the status of shipment online. The BLPL tracking facility is available below.  Just fill it up with your container number or B/L booking number and press on ‘Track” below. You would get the most updated information about the status of your cargo pending in transit.