Balaji Shipping Lines

I think, BSL (Balaji Shipping Line) is one of the best shipping companies in the world because of its excellent infrastructure, technology-oriented functioning, and highly skilled staff. And Balaji Shipping Lines FZCO is a part of it for giving services through containers. Whenever, I wanted to have container services, I trusted it because of its hassle-free operations. I found the services extremely satisfactory for shipping between India and the Middle East.  Its services for Red Sea, East and West Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, South East Asia, United Kingdom, and U.S.A. are equally at par with those of the best companies in the world.

The Balaji Shipping Lines Company


The best fleet of Containers in the world

Its services through containers are exclusive and the fleet of containers has capacity to take your goods with full safety and convenience. The specialized services for containers come through various types of containers, such as reefer, open-top, flat rack containers. It solved all my difficulties in sending oversized and delicate cargo.

Care for each individual customer

Literally, it was overwhelming to see its personal attention towards every customer.  I got really prompt help while I prepared all important documents. The response for queries was almost immediate. Moreover, the tracking through web was really satisfactory; it gave me exact status of my cargo at the moment.

Moreover, I would say the services are completely customized to serve the interests of the customers.

Know its services in detail

I would tell you about its services more in detail and surely, you would pick up the right service for your use.

Fully customized solutions– It has a really strong partner network in place that could take care of your needs for logistics through customized solutions for corporate and general customers.

Door-to-door services– With accuracy in delivering the cargo at the door-step of the customer, it is an expert in delivering with perfect timing and speed.

Distribution through one-stop service– I got fully satisfactory service, when I booked my cargo at the point of origin at the port and it reached the destination perfectly in time at the destination port.

Delivery of foodstuff transport– You just imagine about any foodstuff that is really fragile by nature. Balaji is capable enough to transport that stuff with the help of excellent transport management. Assuredly, the foodstuff would reach the destination without slight damage.

Transport for your special project– When I had necessity to transport machinery to a distant place, where my new unit was coming up, Balaji delivered with extreme efficiency so far as time and speed mattered. I would tell you the secret! Even I was not expecting such efficiency in the depth of my heart.

Support of customer-care– The customer support page is really impressive. I logged to and the support from customer-care is really streamlined and efficient. You could know about all information related to shipping at the right hand corner at the bottom.

I got hands-on help for all my queries from the customer care.

Efficient tracking – You can easily track the Balaji Shipping line from below provided tool. Use below tool to track and trace the shipping line –

You just need to enter the required detail i.e. B/L number in the tracking box.