ANL Container Tracking

ANL Container Tracking – You just put the pointer on the map and ask ANL whether it has service for that area. The answer will inevitably come- “yes”. It is the company, specializing in giving vital transportation from one to other end of the world through shipping and container services. Its customer service is definitely praise-worthy with the excellent back-up from information technology and an attitude for doing almost anything on earth. With its imposing presence in Asia, Europe, North America, Mediterranean, New Zealand, Indian sub-continent, middle-East and Gulf, it commands respect with its impressive fleet and advanced container services.

ANL Shipping Company

Highlights of its products and services

Grand size of its fleet- ANL is the part of CMA CGM group and this third largest service provider through containers in the world. Operating through 170 routes with the help of more than 400 vessels, it attends to more than 400 ports in 150 nations.

Commendable network through agencies– It has created an enviable network consisting of 650 agencies throughout the world. With employee strength of 17,200 staff, it set a record by shifting 10 million TEUs from one corner to other corner of the world. It gave it almost an annual turnover of 14.9 USD.

ANL-backbone of Maritime services in Australia– ANL has literally served as a gateway to Australia. Starting its services in this country, gradually it spread it tentacles to various parts of the world. Over the decades, literally it has turned into beehive of maritime activities in Australia.  It serves as the most familiar name in such services in the coasts around the world.

Expert in e-business services– Through intense experimentation in the last decades with the help of the best in information technology, it has brought in to existence a crack team of experts to deal with the needs of e-business of the companies throughout the world. With the latest in technological innovations, it has sharpened its acumen for in this area of business. As e-commerce is literally the “buzzword” in the world of web of business, ANL has the dedicated team with best ability to deal with various needs of such business houses. In case you need a quotation for this service, you could log on to ‘eCommerce’ section and ask for any related service on the right side of the page.

Get to know about its ‘shipping guide”- A B/L is the main thing in the shipping guide for people. As you would only track your shipments only with the help of B/L.  You need to know almost every clause in its bill of lading (B/L) before you pack your goods through shipments of this shipping company. Check the ‘ecommerce’ and get to know the clauses therein to know about the terms and conditions in detail.

Find your container– The ANIL container tracking is easy with below system. You could track with the help of “reference number”.

Track from your registered account– If you are a registered client, you could log in and track from your account in its portal.